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By clicking the "Submit" button on our Submit page and submitting your art to the George Rodrigue Foundation of the Arts (GRFA) Art Contest, you hereby warrant that:

  1. You are a qualified participant in the GRFA Art Contest because you are a Louisiana high school junior or senior attending a Louisiana public or private high school, home school or GED program.
  2. You understand that if you are a senior you must be enrolled in college for the Fall 2018 semester in order to be eligible to receive the award of a college scholarship.
  3. The art being submitted is original art created by you and does not violate any copyrights.
  4. The art being submitted is not subject to any third party intellectual property rights or trademarks.
  5. The art being submitted meets the requirements of the GRFA art contest listed below.
  6. You have read these terms and conditions and you understand and agree to them. Violation of any of these warrants will disqualify your submission from being considered as a contestant in the GRFA Art Contest.
  7. You may only submit one art entry per student. Additional art entries will be deleted and disqualified from the art contest.

The George Rodrigue Foundation of the Arts stipulates that:

  1. Judging for the art contest will be a blind two-part process and entries will be judged on a point system based on three categories:
    1. Concept/Design  (1/3 of score)
    2. Technical Skill  (1/3 of score)
    3. Creativity  (1/3 of score)
  2. Entries not submitted by the deadline or in a form that is required by this contest will not be considered contestants for the art contest.
  3. Entries must meet the following requirements:
    1. Minimum size of artwork (not digitial image) is 11 x 14 inches
    2. Maximum size of artwork is (not digital image) is 18 x 24 inches
    3. Mediums allowed: oil/acrylic paint, charcoal, pen, colored or graphite pencil, watercolor, collage, ink, mixed media, and digital media
    4. No frames on artwork
    5. No three-dimensional sculpture work or photography is accepted
    6. To prevent judge bias, artwork may not be signed on the front.
  4. Photos of the artwork submitted for judging must be in a ".jpeg" or ".jpg" file and may not exceed 5MB.
  5. The top ten (10) senior winners and the top five (5) junior winners for the GRFA Art Contest must ship or deliver their work to the GRFA office in order for their work to be considered for a college scholarship or cash award.
  6. Senior winners of the GRFA Art Contest will be given one-time scholarships paid directly to the college institution of the award winner's choice before the start of the fall 2018 semester and junior winners will receive cash scholarship awards in the following amounts:

Senior Awards
 Junior Awards
1st Place
1st Place$1,250
2nd Place$5,5002nd Place
3rd Place$5,0003rd Place$750
4th Place$4,5004th Place$500
5th Place$4,0005th Place$250
6th Place
7th Place$3,000  
8th Place$2,500  
9th Place$2,000  
10th Place$1,500  

Further, the copyright to any artwork submitted is retained by the submitting artist. However, you agree to grant George Rodrigue Foundation of the Arts a nonexclusive, worldwide, royalty free, perpetual license to:

  1. Reproduce said art and associated textual description (in whole or in part) in print, electronic, and other media for the limited purposes described below.
  2. Modify for sizing, transmission, or distribution of your submission without prior or additional consent.
  3. Use the artists name, likeness and biographical information in connection with the art being submitted.
You also agree that:
  1. Submitted images may be used in publications in connection with the GRFA and the GRFA Art Contest.
  2. Submitted images may be used elsewhere in association with reporting of the GRFA and the GRFA Art Contest.
  3. GRFA may also use the submitted art in other promotional and advertising material in support of its non-profit objective of developing our youth through arts in education. Such use includes, on the GRFA website and possible brochures and other promotional materials.

You also agree that:

  1. The George Rodrigue Foundation of the Arts Art Contest reserves the right to reject any submission without showing cause (in which case, GRFA may not use that submission for any purpose without the specific separate permission of the artist).
  2. GRFA reserves the right to extend the contest submission deadline.
  3. This Agreement may not be amended except by written agreement between the parties.
If you have any questions, please contact GRFA at or 504-324-9614.


2013 Art Contest - 2nd Place Junior
Louisiana Juice

Kalli Padgett

St. Thomas More H.S.

Lafayette, LA