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GRFA promotes art education through a variety of programs that provide educators with an inspiring arts integrated curriculum along with the tools they need to incorporate the arts into their classrooms.

GRFA programs are open to all accredited schools in Louisiana, and online resources can benefit schools worldwide that are interested in integrating the arts and bringing the art of George Rodrigue into their classrooms.

Arts integration is an inquiry-based approach to learning that links the arts with an existing academic curriculum and enhances the learning process by using the arts to build new connections between content and the different ways students learn. Learn more about Why Arts in Education.

Through GRFA and arts-integrated learning, George Rodrigue hopes to spark creativity in students with varying interests, especially those who might not otherwise be exposed to art education. In doing so, he fulfills his dream to provide children the opportunities and skills that the arts provide which can be applied to any area of life, and by extension, boost personal self-confidence and life-long success.

Please explore the GRFA program links and sign-up to receive GRFA email updates on new resources and opportunities for educators. Do not forget to submit photos of your George-Rodrigue-inspired projects to the GRFA Student Gallery!

Plus, see how we help teachers bring art into the classroom by visiting our Louisiana A+ Schools, Lesson Plans , Student Art Gallery and Classroom Resources pages.

Student Success
"The GRFA has immensely impacted my art along with my life. People seem to react and appreciate my submission for the foundation. I have offers of people wanting prints of my artwork and, not to sound cheesy and cliche, but opportunity just keeps on knocking. I'm really really appreciative that my art teacher introduced this contest to me and that I decided to be bold by creating something beautiful for this foundation, and to be honored for my creativity! I can't thank to GRFA office and George and Wendy Rodrigue enough for this amazing opportunity that I will always remember and carry proudly with me throughout my creative career."
- Jacob Broussard